10 Wonderful Yoga Poses for Men

Muscular hips, hamstrings, and shoulders, strong powerful body, men are known to be rough and tough. But a wider know...

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Yoga Stretches for Daily Practice

Unless you are one of those fitness freaks who hop out of bed early morning in order to rush to Read More


Yoga Postures to Balance Your Chakras

Yoga Postures To Balance Your Chakras Yoga Postures To Balance Your Chakras Summary: Get to know about Chakra yo...

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Yoga for Seniors

Watching kids and youngsters twisting, and working their bodies on the mat in complicated ways, as a senior, if you t...

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6 Incredible Reasons to go on Yoga Holidays

In this age of increasing volatility and competition, tremendous stress and strain can develop in our mind and body,...

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Difference between Power Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga

New concepts always perplex the individuals that give rise to a host of queries and ambiguity. The uncertainty about...

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Yoga for Women

A woman wears multiple hats and handles their professional and personal lives with utmost finesse. Today is the age o...

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What are the Basic Yoga Sequences for Beginners

Several entities perceive that yoga is a physical exercise that involves twists and turns. The reason for this assump...

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5 advanced yoga poses to take your practice to the next level

Practising yoga for several years but now bored of same simple repetitive sequences. Watching advanced level yoga pra...

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6 Easy to do Yoga Poses for Relaxation

It is normal to become tired in the tussle of matching the pace of everyday hectic life. Amidst dealing with a bunch...

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