6 Popular Yoga Styles to Start Your Yoga Practice

You have finally decided to start practising yoga. After hours and days of research, you may still be perplexed about...

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The Incredible Benefits of Om Yoga

A mantra, a vibration or a sound- ever wondered what ‘Om’ is? Ever thought why this simple sound is consi...

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Step by Step Guide to a Leading Yoga Program

It is no unknown fact that Yoga is trending all over the globe. With a majority of yoga schools, yoga centres and stu...

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How to Become a Yoga Instructor

The journey towards transformation starts with a positive thought and, once this thought is planted in your head &mda...

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Yoga Tips for Beginners

Hectic work schedule, erroneous lifestyle, lack of physical movement– all this contributes to a flabby body, me...

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5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Yoga Lessons

One of the biggest wonders of Yoga is its uniqueness. Every time you step on the mat, you will experience something n...

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Yoga in India

Do you have the innate passion and desire to dwell in the teachings of the additional science? Do you wish to...

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Benefits of Yoga Postures

Erroneous lifestyle, unhealthy food habits, irregular sleep –whatsoever may be the reason for living an imbalan...

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Karma Yoga

There is a saying that our thoughts and feelings shape the world within us. Our words and actions define the world ar...

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Get Information about Yoga and Its Benefits

This might be not the first time you would be hearing that Yoga is more than a physical workout routine. The healing...

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