How to find the best yoga teacher training in Gurgaon


Learning yoga is a life-changing experience that would let you view the world with a different lens. It aims at self-enlightenment and takes you to a whole new level where your body and mind functions as a single entity. Yoga isn’t just about learning asanas, postures, and meditation, but a lot more which is yet to be experienced.

There are various Yoga Teachers Training programs, such as 200 Hour, 300 Hour and 500 Hour YTT available today, that will take you on a journey to become a Yoga Instructor. Once you are finished with your course, you will be able to enlighten other people’s minds and guide them towards a better life. Even if you don’t wish to teach yoga, Yoga teacher training courses will benefit you in multiple ways.

With so many options, finding the best yoga teacher training can be a tedious task. Here are some key points to consider before choosing the right course and school:

1: The course is Yoga Alliance Certified:

Yoga Alliance, USA is an International non-profit organization that governs the curriculum and sets the standard for what constitutes the teacher training program.

One must make sure that the course is Yoga Alliance certified so that you get a Certificate that enables you to teach Yoga and impart this glorious knowledge further ahead. This accreditation also makes sure that the institute follows the right curriculum and the content taught is universal.

2: Curriculum:

The curriculum is also considered as the heart of the institution as it makes certain that the students are a part of an integrated and cohesive learning process that would benefit in personal, social and professional development.

It’s advised that you go through the curriculum of the course and get familiar with what all content the course is offering you. You can also compare the curriculum with different schools and see which one offers the widest range of content. It is important that you check the curriculum to see the bigger picture and align with the learning objectives.

3: School History and Reputation:

Go through the school history and read the ‘About Us’ section to learn about the objectives, motives and, story of the school. The school’s reputation should also be considered before joining. Schools that have been into existence since long have a good base; extensive program and teaching techniques that make their course better than others.

4: Yoga Teachers and Instructors:

Read about the yoga instructors and teachers who will be guiding you throughout the length of the program. Their teaching experience and methodology would play a major role during your training. You can talk to the school and opt for public classes with the tutors to see how well you connect with them and their teaching techniques.

5: Student Testimonials:

Testimonials from students add credibility and authenticity to an institution’s image. Student’s testimonials are the first-hand reviews about the teaching ethics, curriculum taught, school environment, teacher-student relationship and other features of the school. An ex-student can easily verify if the school is as per the standards they promised before admission.

6: Yoga Styles being Taught:

With the rising popularity of yoga, numerous yoga styles have cropped up. Apart from the traditional forms like Hatha and Ashtanga, there are various other forms like hot yoga, acro yoga, etc. So before you decide upon the school, it is important to consider the type of yoga being taught at the school. You may be eyeing for Hatha or Ashtanga or something more contemporary. So, enquire about the same and then make an informed decision.

7: Budget

Last, but not in any way the least – budget. If you are aiming for a yoga teacher training in Gurgaon, consider the budget you are willing to spend on your training. Yoga training schools decide the course fees based on different factors like taxes, business structure and so on. Therefore, the prices of the programs will vary from one school to the other. Choose a training program that suits your budget and doesn’t force you to borrow or get a loan. You can also go for scholarship programs where the price of the course is significantly reduced.


This blog covers the key points you should be considering before joining a Yoga teacher training in Gurgaon. It can get difficult when you have a lot of options at the front and get option-paralysis. You can easily google the various courses available within your proximity and make a well-informed decision keeping the above-mentioned points in mind

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