The Health Benefits of Yoga in Morning


Aside from the financial security, social status, loving relationships– one of the main goals of any living being is to lead a healthier, happier, more fulfilled, and purposeful life. Of the numerous ways, diverse fitness routines followed, various habits formed, one great mantra to adopt is to practice yoga in the morning.

In the dawn with fresh air and pleasant environment, embellished with the beautiful sunrise and melodious chirping birds– the morning yoga practice is a healing and magical experience for the body, mind, and soul.


Beginning the day with the science of yoga is nutritive for the body and mind to keep it in a refreshed and heightened state, much capable of working at par excellence all through the day.

In your morning yoga routine, incorporate the performance of yoga asana, meditation, and pranayama for savoring the key health benefits of yoga in morning. The six of those are listed below:

1. Work with Increased Focus: We all face concentration issues, be it at work, house, etc. The heavy dependence on social media, the monotonous work routine, tiredness due to sitting all day long, mental chatter, and more are some of the reasons for the lack of focus. Awaken and clear your mind with early morning meditation practices. Chant a mantra that resonates with your life goals and let it generate a firm resolution in your heart that takes you through the day. Perform yoga asanas like the tree pose and leg balances as these encourage you to focus. These practices will wake up your mind and prepare you to concentrate better on the day’s tasks.

2. Invigorate the Body: After a long tiring day, our beds ceaselessly allure us and we fall asleep. But still, many of us complain of feeling sluggish and tired. The causes can be dehydration, stagnant lifestyle, chronic stress, poor sleep, etc. Moving your body in the morning by default includes cell movement and therefore, cell oxygenation. The rush of the oxygen and nutrient-rich blood through and between the cells invigorate the body. Consider practicing the Surya Namaskar– a wholesome yoga practice that kicks your energy levels, treats sleeping problems, and makes you feel lighter and awake.

3. Goodbye to Stress: In most of our lives, stress is a constant companion and nagging pain that makes it hard for living a happy life. The barrage of cortisol discharge in the brain exhibit in the form of poor health, eating disorder, insomnia, abrupt weight changes, etc. With the yoga practices in the morning, particularly the Pranayama, you can improve the quality of life and keep the stress under control. It is an effective way to learn the natural art of breathing and to implement it in stressful situations for fostering calmness. Additionally, enhanced oxygenation fosters relaxation, clarity, and focus that enables you to spend your day with Positivity.

4. Eat More and Everything that your Heart Desires: All the food lovers will love this. Spending half-an-hour or so in the morning in the positions of Downward Dog (Adho-Mukha Svanasana), Plank Pose (Kumbhakasana), and Warrior series (Virabhadrasana) gives a boost to the metabolic process, enhances digestion, and burns extra calories naturally. So, treat your body with wellness and taste it deserves by following regular morning yoga practices.

5. Stretch and Strengthen: The inactive nature of work and livelihood leaves us with stiff joints and tightness in the body. Scientifically, our body is designed for movement and not a sedentary lifestyle, but more of the latter is causing severe health problems. One efficient remedy is to stretch and move the body. The yoga poses lengthen the spine, lubricate the joints, holding of postures set up the muscle memory, all of which result in correct posture, greater flexibility, enhanced movement, fewer pains, and overall health.

6. Build a Morning Routine for Health: As you regularly take up the morning yoga practice, slowly, your body and mind become habitual of the routine. In this way, it becomes an integral part of your living that assists you towards a disciplined lifestyle, mental strength, self-empowerment, wellness and more.

Greet a new day with Morning Yoga practices.

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